Monday, May 25, 2009

A Community Mosaic

What a wonderful event in downtown Riverhead yesterday-- the 13th annual Community Mosaic Street Painting Festival. Lots of artists creating masterpieces with chalk pastels on the pavement of East Main Street. Vendors. A full program of music all afternoon. It was absolutely terrific.

Kudos to Pat Snyder and her staff at the East End Arts Council for producing this festival and bringing downtown Riverhead to life. Pat conceived the street painting festival when she was director of the Arts Council school of the arts, just before I became the organization's executive director. We produced the first couple of these together. (Lots of trial and error!) And oh, my, what a long way this event has come. Pat and her staff have really taken it to the next level (or two!) over the years. It's so nice to see throngs of people on our riverfront, appreciating art and music and a pleasant family-oriented afternoon. 


Anonymous said...

Pat Synder for Town Supervisor!

Great event that is getting better every year. Too bad Riverhead government can't help do what it takes to generate that level of activity downtown 365.

The only downside? Anybody notice that where they are holding it is a ghost town...nothing but vacant buildings surrounding the event.

Ceil said...

Hi Denise

Yes I did referring to Anonymous post...Riverhead is a ghost town and a sad one at that!

The event and any event is usually successful, but that's not what is going to get this town up and running instead of folks, up and running away..

We need to get a move on and try to generate business in the downtown area. When I moved here five years ago,plans were in place and being bandied about, but now I realize, it was talk, talk, and more talk....aka samo, samo.....