Sunday, December 24, 2006

Where's Montecalvo?

It's interesting that Calverton sand mine operator John Montecalvo, co-owner of Calverton Industries, did not participate in the plea negotiations between the U.S. attorney and the other four members of the "asphalt cartel." Their trial on bid-rigging charges was supposed to begin in early January. On Friday, three of the other four defendants pled guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud in the bid-rigging scheme, according to a Newsday report. The fourth was supposed to plea, but was ill. Only Montecalvo remains. Will he go to trial or is there some other plea being worked out?

Asphalt, sand, garbage... There's a lot of overlap in terms of who owns the various companies, and some interesting connections to goings-on in the Town of Riverhead.

To be continued...