Saturday, November 29, 2008

Riverhead Blue Waves football L.I. Class II Champs

It was awe-inspiring. Our Blue Waves trounced the Elmont Spartans 42-6 in the Class II L.I. Championship final game today at Stony Brook University. See The News-Review's game story here. And nearly as awe inspiring as the victory itself was the turnout of the Riverhead community to root the team on to victory today. The stands of LaValle stadium were filled to the brim with cheering fans from home. It made me very proud of our town — and our team! Way to GO WAVES!


Natasha said...

they've come a long way from 1994... seriously! For some reason we couldnt win a game when i was in high school!

Anonymous said...


Stabbed! Right in their backs!!!

By both yourself and Mr. Gannon.

While these two individuals are as guilty as sin, the current students did not deserve this one bit!

Way to sell papers! (sic) Jerks!!!