Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Coach Shay is back

It's official. The coach is back. News-Review sports editor Bob Liepa interviewed him at practice yesterday afternoon. We've got a preview on The News-Review Web site. And the full story in tomorrow's edition.

School superintendent Diane Scricca called Coach Shay a man of character. She's right. It takes character to admit you've made a mistake and apologize for it. While covering the cameras may have been a bad example for the kids, owning up to his mistake is a great example for the coach to set. I commend him for it.

In his interview with Bob Liepa, Mr. Shay called the past month the longest month of his life. He missed coaching and teaching so much, and the anxiety of his uncertain position, all made it very difficult.

But it was a big month for him too, in a happy way. I found out yesterday the coach's wife, Christine, gave birth to their second child, a boy, Sept. 24. Congratulations.

And welcome back!

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