Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Caveat emptor

Both my grandmothers were opposed to restaurants — eating at them, that is. For one thing, no restaurant chef could whip up food that truly tasted homemade, they used to say. For another, when you eat out you just never know what you're getting. More specifically, you never know who's handling and preparing your food, and whether they're, well, clean.

I could literally count the number of times I saw either of my grandmothers eat out. Special occasions, usually, and then they'd pick at their food, a look of consternation on their faces. Never, ever, would they eat at a fast food joint!

Needless to say, I don't have the same attitude about eating out. Sometimes eating out or getting takeout is my salvation. And though I'm not a fast food fan myself, my kids would live on Wendy's and pizza — and Taco Bell — if I allowed it.

But Nana was right. When you eat out, you just don't know what you're getting. The current E. coli outbreak at the Taco Bell chain is a good example. Nana cooked for herself and made just about everything from scratch. There's no hope of doing that in the context of my lifestyle. Though I have been known to make my own tacos.

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ceil said...

Hi Denise - Yeah, but when our grandparents were alive women were not multi-tasking. My grandparents never ever ate out.My Grandma cooked from scratch....remember the home made pizza? I know an Italian couple who live "old world"
they wouldn't think of eating out..He says He has the best;maybe he does. I love eating at a nice restaurant.(Neither my husband and I are fast food people.) I remember years ago, I ate at an exclusive place in the city - guess what? I came down with food poisoning. You just never know.
Now, today someone at the gym heard on a morning TV show you should not wash chicken because bacteria can contaminate counters,sinks. Yikes!Did grandma have to worry about contaminated counters. Grandma wrung their necks (the chicken that is) in the yard, and hung them upside down. Yuck!