Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday morning

Time to take a breath. It's nice to shift into a lower gear — at least for a little while, until reality, in the form of mountains of dirty laundry, etc., sets in. Weekdays, I'm up at 4, spend a little time reading the news online, then head for the gym by 5. I have to be back in time to coax my daughters out of bed and get them off to school by 7. Weekends, the morning pace is slower and that's good. I'm still up ridiculously early; the internal clock doesn't re-set itself on weekends. But I can lollygag around for a while, since even the gym opens later on weekends.

Saturday morning is my day to weigh in on the South Beach Diet website. As of today, I've hit the 45 pound mark. When I saw that on my SBD online chart, it actually brought tears to my eyes. Part of me can't believe I've actually done this. That's probably because it's been so effortless. I have 8 pounds to go to reach a "Normal" BMI. If I continue to lose at the rate of one pound per week, I will reach my goal weight (160) by my one-year anniversary of starting my new lifestyle (notice I didn't say "diet"). That will be a total of 54 pounds lost since Jan. 14, 2006, when I took a look at the horrifying image of myself in a wet suit (a family snapshot taken at Discovery Cove, Sea World, Orlando FL during the holidays) and resolved to do something about my obesity. I'm very grateful to Andy Mitchell, CEO of Peconic Bay Medical Center, for telling me to read "The South Beach Diet." I never would have picked that book up without his recommendation, mostly because of its dopey name. But that little paperback changed my life.

Now I'm off to the gym, a daily physical routine I've become sort of addicted to. I alternate between weight training and working out on the cardio equipment every other day. On Saturdays I often do both, which is what I intend to do today. I never imagined myself as a gym rat. But hey, life is full of surprises.


Ceil Iannell said...

WooHoo! Good for you.
Next time you stand in front of a mirror pat yourself on the back and say "Good for me."

You are correct, good nutrition and exercise is a way of life.

Yup, I too am addicted to exercise.
It's a good thing. I go the the gym 3 times a week, sometimes four then walk along the beach other days. I practice Yoga and Pilates also.I find them to be great stress reducers.

I think if we choose to be healthy and fit we honor the temple that houses our inner selves. It's really self respect and we owe ourselves that much.
Continue to great work!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It's great to look good but even more important to be healthy. I started working out at 62 years old and 270#. I'll admit I did it reluctantly, at my wife's request. Three years later and 50# lighter, I'm a believer. I'm in better shape and health at 65 than I was at 45. The body is amazing, just give it a little attention and it responds no matter your age. PS: The new haircut looks great too.