Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tuesday night

Tuesdays are always grueling days for a Thursday-publication weekly editor. Some are worse than others. Some more interesting than others. This one was a doosy. But you're going to have to wait till Thursday to "read all about it."

Meanwhile, I've decided to disable the comments feature on my blog until after the election. I'm not happy about this, because it's the interactivity of this venue that was new and exciting. But I'm tired of the repetitive slams of the one-note symphonies. And I think anybody reading this blog who doesn't share the one-track mind of the person or people who keep posting essentially the same comments over and over again (no matter what the subject of my blog entry) is tired of it too. That's the upshot of the majority of the emails I'm seeing, at least.

I will keep posting here, at least twice a week (that is my intention, anyway.) If you have comments, questions or news tips, please email me at denise@timesreview.com.

After November 8, I'll open this up for comments again. Hopefully, after "silly season" is over, we can engage in a meaningful dialogue here, absent the rote attacks and constant venom. Deal?

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